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Social Network Communities

Whose Audience Is This, Anyway?

If you're involved in media, you know that social networking is a powerful way to bring your your audience together. But many social network platforms deny you the opportunity to own your own audience's meeting place.

Global Villages changes all that. Just as you own your publication, the village® platform lets you offer your subscribers and advertisers the established benefit of "controlled circulation," that is, the knowledge that those in your online community are who they say they are - and that they have a legitimate connection to the community. That's important to your readers - and to the shopkeepers on your Main Street (typically, they're also your advertisers.)

Beyond Paywalls

Your audience may occasionally be willing to pay for access to a set of information products, but that's not how social media makes its money. And social media does it without the valuable controlled circulation audience asset that you own.

The revenue model for a community is very different from that of an advertising vehicle. Let us show you how your audience asset will produce an entirely new revenue and earnings stream.

Learn More about how your organization's own Authenticity-Enabled Social Network will produce new value for you.

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